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What did we do in 2018? Made lots of signs!!

Always working with a phone that has too many photos and not enough space, I did not take as many pics of the before state of our signs but they were pieces a lot of people thought should have gone to the dump. In most cases we used scrap pieces of wood that were found in the shed or given to us from others. Our sandwich board was a real eyesore that I picked up at Jeffco Market which is one of my favorite places.  I am hoping to find some old pics of that to add to this log but for the time being you get to see it in it's cleaner state before the final transformation.

Having never made signs before and not wanting to use anything but our own handcrafted work to attach to our building, all stencils were drawn and cut by hand from print outs I made using Adobe Illustrator.   Mia saved the day with her tracing skills to transcribe the stencils to the boards and this was a huge time saver as far as cleanup and clarity goes because never having stenciled before, my first attempt was g…

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