This Magic Chef has finally found a home!!

I have been holding on to this classic stove since 2004 when it was gifted to me by my sister Tammy's late Father-In-Law, Vernon Hasenpflug. Vern's home on Wabash Avenue in St. Louis, was one of the first houses I ever sold.  This stove was in his basement which was set up with a second kitchen.  As soon as I laid eyes on it I asked what he was going to do with it and he said it was mine if I wanted it.  I could not believe my good fortune.  Even though my daughter and I were living with my parents at the time and I had no prospects for a home of my own or where I would even store it,

I said YES and THANK YOU!!

Needless to say, this is the greatest souvenir from my real estate travels and as it sat stored for many years, I would dream of the day I would get to use it; imagining how it would look in my someday kitchen.  Little did I know what life had in store for me; I still can't believe it.  None of this would be happening without my fiance Tom, who has made all of this possible in the first place by buying this very building that I visited as a little girl.

As materialistic as it sounds, this stove means a lot to me for many reasons. As a mint condition, retro appliance, it demonstrates the pride someone took in it as a working component of their home.

The day my brothers and dad, cousins and a few friends helped move this solidly built beast to my dear Aunt Debbie and Uncle Chris' outbuilding reminds me of the generosity of others with their time, energy and space--Debbie and Chris kept this safe and sound for 12 years!   And, this past week, after much anticipation, my dear friend Tena corralled her son Justin and friend Don to help me go get it so we can get the cooking show on the road.  These guys did it at the end of a long hot work day and it was dark by the time it was said and done and I was praying their backs would be okay afterward. Everybody was ok.

But one of the coolest things of all about this piece being in 309 Elm is the fact that a Magic Chef stove VERY WELL may have been in here at one time.  I do not know this, but it is possible. It definitely takes me back to my family's life on Montebello because growing up, we had a neighbor named Mr. Stockstrom who owned a very beautiful castle up the road from us.  Charles Stockstrom invented Magic Chef, I never met him but my brothers did work for the Stockstrom family when they were teenagers.  I think placing this stove in this building demonstrates how the owner of this property in the 40's  might have known the the Magic Chef story and supported local businessmen.

Going back to the memory I have of seeing this kitchen classic for the first time and imagining it as the generating source of many a great holiday feasts and family get-togethers at the house on Wabash; I can't wait to put this Magic Chef in action once again and see the happy faces asking for more of the tasty creations this baby is going to be cooking up!!

*Viewer note: while no human injuries were sustained in the transfer of this property, we did have some knob casualties in transit but VERY LUCKILY authentic replacements have been found but they are not cheap!)  Lesson learned....I should have remembered to bring tape and blankets!

Update to this story, January 2, 2017... I did find very affordable replacement knobs at the architectural salvage yard in the old Lemp Brewery complex off Broadway.  Thank you Reagan for having these!!