Winter projects = more mess but more treasures too!!

Winter down time means indoor project time.  

Finally found an older, wooden cabinet to replace this one, which has definitely come in handy that is for sure. It came from a house off Nottingham in the Southampton Neighborhood in St Louis. It was in mint condition when I found it but got damaged in the construction phase of this project. Besides being bent, the surface of this metal cabinet is too high for practical and comfortable use from the perspective of someone sitting in a wheelchair and working in this kitchen so it is heading to a new home.

Using up some of the terra cotta red from the kitchen door project significantly improved the look of this old gem rescued from the rain.  It is a much better piece for the kitchen space because it is wooden and older plus the surface is about four inches lower which makes all the difference in the world for accessing the space comfortably.   The final finish on this new addition is by no means perfect but it is a huge improvement nonetheless and I am happy to have found it a new home!! 

Also found a great light fixture for the big room but need to go back to the drawing board for the installation.   So much for thinking this was going to be a quick fix...stay tuned...

It was time to finish the wall in the parlor which means more spar urethane and more caulking which unfortunately ended in more dismantling...Calgon!!!

One of the best things of this winter was being given a tried and true treasure from my friend Jeff at Jeffco Market...I told him it would be put in a place of honor at Elm and it certainly is. Thank you Jeff!!

It is a picture that my old bus driver Joe Boyer gave to Jeff's dad, Jerry. It was painted by Joe when he was 87 using spray paint and he made the frame himself. It is a river scene and one of my favorite pieces.  This really was a blast from different times in my past because not only did Joe drive my school bus when I was in grade school, I sold his last home before he moved in with his daughter about ten years ago.  Cheers to the memory of Kimmswick Joe!!