More curtains...

Never really satisfied with store bought things and giving up hope that I would find enough of the right sizes second-hand, I decided to make curtains again for the porch room.

This time around I had the big idea of using my mom's old sewing machine to speed things up which also meant I would have to learn how to use it first.  After dragging it out and looking at it on the dining room table for a month I gave up that notion and bought another needle to do it by hand.  These are going to be even better than machine made because according to the nature of the people in my fictional story, they would have made them by hand too. For this batch, I am using some of my mom's old yarn from her crocheting things.   Mia is making braided tie backs with the yarn so we both literally have our hands in making these.

Once I get them all finished, the only adjustment I will have to make is lowering the curtain rods. I made these again out of the same conduit and brackets used in the rest of the house and luckily it is no big deal to move them down a bit so the fabric will cover the whole window.

Two windows are done...only 6 left to do...thank God for pool tables!!

To be continued.....