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309 elm

otherwise known as 309 Elm Street in Kimmswick, Missouri

is a work in progress in several capacities:

As a piece of property, it is an ongoing preservation project and teaching tool designed to help people understand and experience the concept of universal design in the built environment from a ground-up and historical perspective. 

Being an integral part of a social project, it is headquarters to

A Universal Design Project, Inc.,

a women-owned social enterprise focused on promoting

universal design through the arts, culture and active living. 

As commercial space it allows us to showcase

a handful of artists and craftspeople

whose work we admire in a retail and gallery setting. 


A fully functioning example of a "working" home between the years

1865 and 1947 in a busy river town built on commerce, it provides a casual and memorable environment for musing and appreciation of the arts & humanities as well as a great place for people

to enjoy family and friends.

We hope to see you sometime.

Amy & Mia   


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