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Venue Rental


Two front rooms, kitchen and bath available for rent in 4 hour blocks. 

Set up and clean up times are within that time frame. 

2020 Rental Rate of $300

Rental service begins at 9 am with all events ending no later than midnight. 


Additional time beyond selected 4 hour period can be purchased at the rate of $50 per hour if available.

12 person limit for indoor events during during pandemic.  .


309 elm Staff member remains on premises in back office for all events.  


Use of wood stove strictly prohibited. Gas cook stove may be used with direct supervision of staff assisting. 


Hold date with $100 deposit


Reservations must be cancelled at least 48 hours in advance to receive full refund.

Credit card deposit of $500 held for damages and released upon inspection of property post-event cleanup. Smoking is not allowed in building.  Rental clients will be billed $5 per butt for improperly discarded cigarette butts found on property post event cleanup. We are not anti-smokers but we are opposed to the earth being used as an ashtray. 

Limitations on what types of events are allowed.  

Please inquire when making reservations. 

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